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   GIS Day 2006 Conference Attractions

NOAA Ocean Mapping and Exploration Cartographic Exhibition

NOAA Cartographic Exhibition featuring over hundred spectacular, global, regional and local ocean, coastal area, and exploration maps inculding navigaional charts, bathymetric maps, shipwreck maps, marine species habitat maps and satellite imagery! Learn more about this exhibition here!

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Scale Models

Finely detailed Seafloor Mapping and Exploration Vehicle Scale Models of the ALVIN deepwater research submersible, the Autonomous Benthic Explorer (ABE) and the Remote Environmental Monitoring Units (REMUS) vehicle. The true vehicles that these models represent are used for coastal and deepsea exploration, surveying, and seafloor mapping.  

Operational Ocean Observation Buoys.

These impressive fifteen foot tall buoys used regularly by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the University of New Hampshire observe the physical characteristics of the ocean and atmosphere around the NH Great Bay area including air temperature, wind speed, wind direction, water termperature, salinity, chlorophyll content, dissolved oxygen content, and turbidity.    

National Geographic Atlas of the Ocean Book Sale

A National Geographic atlas that explores the undersea realms or the world, taking the reader to places such as Earth's deepest abyss and the world's longest mountain chain all the while unlocking many of the innumerable mysteries of the sea.   On sale in the GIS Day Store.

New Hampshire ArcUsers Group Fall Meeting

This year's GIS Day Conference is hosting the New Hampshire ArcUsers Group Fall Meeting during its afternoon professional sessions. GIS Day Vendors will be presenting the latest technologies to the group in 30 minute presentations. Open to the pubic. See the GIS Day Agenda for a list of scheduled presenters.

Car Simulator: Drive Through a Virtual Map

Come see the Project 54 full size driving simulator and see how researchers use this tool to simulate real driving environments within a virtually mapped world to study human interactions with real vehicles under a series of circumstances.

Atlas Gift Give Away

All GIS Day 2006 registered visting high school students will receive a complimentary thirty-one page, full color, accuarate and up-to-date, Hammond Atlas while supplies last.

Geo-Spatial Science Map and Poster Gallery

Over fifty regional Geo-Spatial Science professionals will display maps and posters featuring their works from science, urban planning, emergency management, government, resource management, education and industry. Click here for a full listing of all invited Map and Poster Presenters.

Geo-Science University and College Presentations and College Fair

Students, the public and professionals alike will be hosted to this years GIS Day 2006 Geo-Science College Fair featuring reepresentatives and curricula from many regional college, university, and professional Geo-Science departments. Click here for a full listing of all invited Geo-Science College Fair Presenters.

Professional Vendor Hall

All guests to this year's GIS Day events will be hosted to a professional vendor hall exhibition which will feature representatives from many of the Geo-Spatial Science industry's leading hardware, software, consulting service, and data providers. Click here for a full listing of all invited Vendor & Data Providers.

Professional Vendor and Data Provider Showcases and Presentations

This year's GIS Day 2006 guests will be hosted to professional vendor showcases and presentations featuring national Geo-Spatial Science hardware and software providers, Geo-Spatial Science data providers, and Geo-Spatial Science consulting firms. Click here to see the full Agenda of Presentations.

GIS Day Store

This year's GIS Day 2006 Store will feature Geo-merchandise products from many leading map, atlas, globe, compass, navigational software and GPS companies. Click here to see all invited GIS Day Store Retailers.

Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space Science Exhibits.

These exhibits include the EOS Earth Systems Research exhibit and the EOS Solar Science exhibit. These exhibits contain maps, photos, satellite imagery, and dioramas which focus on earth systems science and environmental change from the depths of the oceans to the heights of the continents, to the limits of space.

3 1/2 Foot Diameter Satellite Image Globe of the World

This globe built at the University of New Hampshire Laboratory for Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis features beautiful NASA MODIS and NOAA AVHRR satellite imagery. This imagery is so clear that you can see individual glaciers in Antarctica and some reefs below the oceans.

9-Foot Satellite Image Map of the World

This true color NASA Blue Marble MODIS composite satellite image map of the world shows us a unique perspective of our world as never seen in previous decades. The construction of this high resolution, fine detail satellite map of the world was made possible only in recent years because of advances in satellite imaging technologies and advances in computer storage and processing power.

Hands on GIS/RS Technology Tour

This year's GIS Day 2006 events will feature hands on tours of Complex Systems Research Center's Laboratory for Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis where everyone will be given an opportunity to try their hand at GIS and digital mapping.

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