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  GIS Day 2007 Registration

Welcome to the GIS Day 2007 Registration page! If you have received a GIS Day 2007 invitation, please choose the appropriate button below to access your correct registration form. The password to access your registration form can be found on your official GIS Day 2007 invitation card. If you have not received an invitation, and would like to register as a participant in one of the following categories, or if you have any questions, please contact Michael Routhier at the University of New Hampshire by e-mail at mike.routhier @unh.edu or by phone at (603)862-1792.

Please Note! You only need to register if you plan on participating in this year's conference as a Professional Vendor Hall Participant, Professional Map and Poster Presenter, Professional College Fair Participant, Professional GIS Day Store Vendor or Visiting High School Group! Registration is not required for general afternoon admission.

Last Update: Friday, 21-Sep-2007 10:51:02 EDT
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