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   GIS Day 2006 Conference Credits

GIS Day 2006 Local Sponsors
NASA's New Hampshire Space Grant Consortium The Office of the Vice President for Research, UNH
Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans and Space,UNH Complex Systems Research Center,UNH
GIS Day 2006 Major Collaborators
Center for coastal & Ocean Mapping (CCOM) Ocean Process Analysis Laboratory (OPAL)
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)
UNH Dimond Library Clarkson Research Services
UNH Large Pelagics Research Center Karen L. Von Damm (CSRC)
GIS Day 2006 Conference CoordinatorGIS Day 2006 Assistant Coordinators
Michael Routhier            
Clara Kusta               Fay Rubin              
Amy Holt Cline               Gopal Mulukutla              
GIS Day 2006 Keynote Speaker GIS Day 2006 Geo-Session Presenters
Capt. Maureen Kenny
(The Deputy chief of NOAA's Development Lab)
GIS Day 2006 Consultants
Dr. John Kelley  
Dr. Bobby Braswell          Dr. Mark Fahnestock         
Micheal Gagnon          Dr. Steve Hale         
Shawn Herrick          Dr. Gary Jaroslow         
Carl Nylen          Dr. Wil Wollheim         
Eric Steltzer                  
GIS Day 2006 Event Facilitators GIS Day 2006 Laboratory Staff
Amy Holt Cline               Dr. Steve Hagan              
Alison Magill               Sarah Silverbeng              
Dr. Barkley Sive               Dr. Ruth Varner              
Christina Czarnecki        Katelyn Dolan       
Stanley Glidden        Kyle Leary       
Ravi Mahavrathayajula        Gopal Mulukutla       
Vibha Sundaram        Dominik Wisser       
GIS Day 2006 Food and Beverage
       GIS Day 2006 Parking and
Jennifer Merriam               Gary Desjardens              
William Armstrong                            
Matt Fearon               Chris Phaneuf              
GIS Day 2006 Store       NH ArcUser Group Coordinator
Dr. Steve Hagen               Clara Kustra              
Shane Bradt 
GIS Day 2006 Cartography, Graphics,
and Photography
    GIS Day 2006 Electrical and
Computer Support
Kristi Donahue              Jennifer Lingeman             
Michael Routhier              Robert Hanson             
Samuel Lingeman               Jason Taylor              
Stanley Glidden               Steven Knight                
GIS Day 2006 Audio/Visual Support      GIS Day 2006 Student Affiliations
Andy Dolf                     Pallavi Mittal
Allan Wright
UNH Earth Sciences Club              
GIS Day 2006 Donations, Contributions and Vendor Support
Barnes and Noble Booksellers (Durham, NH) Coed Sportswear (Newfields, NH)
JP's Eatery (Durham, NH) Maple Lane Publishing (Abbotsford, BC)
White Mountains Attractions Association (North Woodstock, NH) Aqua Explores Inc.
GIS Day 2006 National Promoters
Association for American Geographers (AAG) Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI)
Hewlett Packard National Geographic Society (NGS)
SUN Microsystems University Consortium for Geo Info Science (UCGIS)
United States Geological Survey (USGS) United States Library of Congress

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