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   GIS Day Geo-Quiz

                  Good luck! Some of these are tricky!

Where is the deepest point in the world's oceans?
Where is the largest difference in sea level between low and high tides?
 A. Japan Trench  A. Great Bay
 B. Aleutian Trench  B. Bay of Fundy
 C. Mariana Trench  C. Guantanamo Bay
 D. Tonga Trench  D. Hudson Bay
What percent of the earth's surface is ocean?
What country has the longest coast line in the world?
 A. 23%  A. Canada
 B. 54%  B. Australia
 C. 71%  C. United States
 D. 97%  D. Japan
What US State has the most coast?
What is the largest ocean in the world?
 A. California  A. Atlantic Ocean
 B. Maine  B. Pacific Ocean
 C. Florida  C. Indian Ocean
 D. Alaska  D. Arctic Ocean
How many countries are completely surrounded by Ocean?
What ocean current is the only ocean current that flows unimpeded (without obstruction or barriers) around Earth?
 A. 5  A. Gulf Stream Current
 B. 27  B. California Current
 C. 32  C. Antarctic Circumpolar Current
 D. 48  D. Aghulas Current
What percent of the worlds volcanoes are found in the ocean?
What is the water pressure at the deepest point in the ocean?
 A. 10%  A. 6 tons per square inch
 B. 30%  B. 7 tons per square inch
 C. 60%  C. 8 tons per square inch
 D. 90%  D. 9 tons per square inch

For an even greater Geo-Quiz challage, try your hand at the CSRC Laboratory for Remote Sensing and Spatial Analysis Geo-Quizzes here!

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