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On Wednesday, November 12th, 2008, NASA's New Hampshire Space Grant Consortium and UNH's Complex Systems Research Center hosted their Tenth Anniversary GIS Day Conference and College Fair at the Institute for the Study of Earth Oceans and Space at the University of New Hampshire in honor of international GIS Day. International GIS Day is a day set aside during National Geography Awareness Week for Geo-Spatial Science professionals from around the world to reach out and educate people of all ages about the important contributions that Geo-Spatial Science related technologies make in all of our lives. To this end, the GIS Day Conference and College Fair is an outreach effort which brings hundreds of New England regional high school junior and senior level students together with hundreds of Geo-Spatial Science professionals, university level educators and the general public to participate in a professional Geo-Spatial Science conference to promote networking, career, and educational opportunities within the field. Attendance at this tenth anniversary events exceeded over six hundred professional and student participants.


Professionals, students and the public alike were hosted to many attractions and events at the GIS Day 2008 Conference and College Fair including the following featured attraction, the "Tenth Anniversary GIS Day Cartographic Exhibition". This exhibition featured a grand collection of over one hundred and fifty professional high quality maps and satellite images portraying spectacular, full color, global, regional and local cartographic products and satellite images from GIS Day collections from over the last ten years. Featured products indcluded fantastically detailed National Geographic Collection Maps, NASA Earth from Space Collection Satellite Images, NOAA Ocean Mapping Collection Sea Floor Images and Marine Sanctuary Maps, United States National Park Service Collection Park Maps, UNESCO Wonders of the World Collection Maps and Library of Congress Antique Collection Maps.

Other features and events that occurred at this year's conference included • Professional Poster Sessions and Talks from many sectors of the Geo-Spatial Science community including urban planning, resource management, emergency management, education, science, government, and industry • a Geo-Spatial Science College Fair featuring representatives from many regional Geo-Spatial Science undergraduate, graduate degree and certificate programs • a professional Geo-Science Vendor Hall featuring leading companies and organizations in the Geo-Science industry • and hands on, state-of-the-art GIS and Remote Sensing Laboratory Tours.


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