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More about the GIS Day 2003 Conference

On Wednesday, November 19th, 2003 the New Hampshire Space Grant Consortium and Complex Systems Research Center hosted their fifth annual GIS Day Conference and College Fair at the Institute for the Study of Earth Oceans and Space at the University of New Hampshire. GIS Day is a day set aside during National Geography Awareness Week for Geo-Spatial Science professionals to reach out and educate people of all ages about the important contributions that Geo-Spatial Science related technologies make in all of our lives. Invited guests to the 2003 GIS Day conference include hundreds of high school junior and senior level students and home schooled students from all over the state of New Hampsrhire during our morning sessions from 9:30am to 1:00pm and Geo-Spatial Science professionals, university level students and the general public during our open afternoon sessions from 1:00 to 5:00pm.

All GIS Day 2003 conference guests were hosted to many attractions and events including the 2003 featured attraction, the Library of Congress Historic Map Collection Exhibition. This collection of antique map reproductions featured over forty circa 1890's panoramic maps of many cities and towns throughout New Hamphire and many other antique major US city maps, World maps, Civil War maps and Revolutionary War maps. All guests were also treated to an extensive modern cartographic exhibition, a Geo-Spatial Science college fair and hands on tours of Complex Systems Research Center's state of the art GIS and Remote Sensing laboratory. This GIS Day 2003 Modern Cartographic Exhibition will featured over one hundred maps and posters from presenters from all around the state. Invited presenters included professionals from many sectors of the Geo-Spatial Science community including urban planning, resource management, emergency management, education, science, government, and industry. This GIS Day 2003 Geo-Spatial Science College Fair featured representatives from many regional Geo-Spatial Science undergraduate, graduate degree and certificate programs. Morning student guests were also treated to a series of talks about the Geo-Spatial Sciences and the educational and career opportunities that they have to offer. Afternoon guests were hosted to a professional hardware, software and geographic products Vendor Hall and product demonstrations from leading companies and organizations in the Geo-Science industry.

In an effort to further enhance geographic knowledge all students guests were also provided with packets that included additional information about Geo-Science related technologies and topics and career and educational opportunities in the Geo-Sciences. All students were also provided with a new Merriam WebsterNotebook Atlas and a series of souvenirs including maps and other items just for attending.

   To view more photos from GIS Day 2003, please click here!

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