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  Famous Geographers

Alexander von Humboldt

(1769-1859) He is widely respected as one of the founders of modern geography. He was one of the first to propose that the lands bordering the Atlantic were once joined (South America and Africa in particular)


Sixth Century BC. A Greek geographer. He created the first known map drawn to scale


384-322 BC. Greek Philosopher, Scientist, Mathematician

Christopher Columbus

(1451-1506) Known for his report of the existence and location of the 'New World' to Spain.


(Nicolaus Copernicus) 15th Century. Developed the Copernican Theory which stated that the sun rather than the earth was the center of the Universe.


Coined the term "Geography" and mapped the known world of Ancient Greece

Kropotkin, Piotr Alekseyevich, Prince

(18421921) A Russian geographer. He obtained permission to serve as an army officer in Siberia, where his explorations and scientific observations established his reputation as a geographer.


1480's. First to circumnavigate the real world.


(90-160AD) Claudius Ptolemy was an astronomer, mathematician, and geographer. This famous Roman geographer invented latitude and longitude.


64 BC - 24 AD. Greek Historian, Geographer and Philosopher. Strabo is most famous for his Geographia, a 17-book work containing history and descriptions of people and places all over the world as known to him

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